What I Wore in Florida

Gap Top, Maxi Skirt

It’s been over a month since I have been back from my trip to Florida and I am still wishing I was there!  I am so happy to share with you the outfits I wore on this vacation.  This was a fun-filled trip so my outfit photos are not the typical outfit shots but more of me just posing on vacation like a goof! lol

On the way to Florida

I was travelling all the way from Canada, so it was freezing cold when we left British Columbia. I had to layer up! 

My go to plane ride outfit consisted of my black leggings, a white tank, a white T-shirt over the tank and then a hoodie on top of all that!  I also had my summer ruana that I got in my FabFitFun box last summer and I used it as a scarf/blanket on the plane!  Like I said, freezing!

Of course I always have to wear comfortable shoes when travelling so I had my favorite runners and socks (for chucks) on my feet!

Oh so cozy! 

Sorry I don’t have a photo of this fabulous look, but really does anyone want their picture taken after being stuck on 3 different planes for over 9 hours straight!  

Here are a few examples of similar outfits I wore on the plane.  

When I finally landed in Florida I had to shed a few layers!  The ruana came in handy:)  Here I am at Sixt Car Rental wishing we were getting that sweet yellow mustang.

Yellow Mustang, Sixt Car Rental

Typical Tourist Outfits

We had some great weather while in Fort Lauderdale, so it was mostly shorts, tanks, and bikinis.  The evenings were still a little chilly for my standards, so I usually had to rock the old jean jacket!  You know…the typical tourist outfit!

Here I am the day we went out to the everglades on a swamp boat tour!  I made sure to wear my bikini under my clothes in case I fell off the boat!

Everglades Boat Tour

Oh and those awesome sunglasses, I totally lost them sometime between this excursion and the next day!

Oh and those awesome sunglasses, I totally lost them sometime between this excursion and the next day!

  This is why I don’t spend a ton of money on name brand sunglasses! I always loose them!

Another handy item I carried with me was a small waterproof bag, these bags are great for putting your keys and cell phone in.

Here are a few similar items incase you need to shop for Typical Tourist clothes!

What I wore in Key West, Florida

Next we were off to Key West!  I had been dreaming of going to this beautiful paradise for ages!  The sky was blue and the sun was hot.  My trusty fedora was on my head almost every day! If you want to read more about my Key West Trip check out the blog post I recently wrote


I am loving all the crochet, lace, and floral looks this year, so I  just had to incorporate them into my outfits! 

As you may have noticed, I did end up getting new glasses, check out those sweet green sunnies! 

What I wore Key West

We did so many touristy things in Key West, isn’t that the point?  So that meant my usually attire consisted of Shorts, T-shirts, and Bikini’s.  Plus we were also biking everyewhere so being comfortable was also a must.

Miami Fun

After 3 fun-filled days in the Florida Keys we were able to spend a day in Miami.  This is where I finally had a chance to dress up a bit.

I splurged on this one-shoulder top from the Gap and paired it with my Maxi skirt.

  We had a fantastic evening of dinner, drinks, and checking out the Miami scene.

Gap top, Maxi shirt

Well that about sums up what I wore in Florida.  If you would like any more info on my outfits or my vacation, please don’t hesitate to ask:) xoxo

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What I Wore in Florida

2 thoughts on “What I Wore in Florida

  1. These are great outfits! I’m totally like you and layer on the plane! That way when you get to the hot destination you can take layers off quickly!! I love your skirt and black shirt combo! It is stunning!

    1. Yes, it’s all about the layering! I have even put my bikini on underneath before arriving in a hot spot so I could hit the beach asap! lol

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