Lagostina-My all time favorite cookware

Lagostina really came through when I discovered that my large pot was broken.

I have owned the same Lagostina pot set since the late 90s!  Can you believe that?  These pots have travelled between 2 homes and fed many mouths over the years.  So when noticed the base of my large pot was suddenly peeling apart I was actually shocked.  Shocked when I did the math and realized how long I had owned the set!  I am absolutely amazed at the quality of these products.

I decided to look up the Lagostina warranty policy and saw that many of their sets have a warranty of at least 25 years to lifetime.  Awesome!  Now that is a company that knows they have great stuff!

Pictured below is my poor old pot.
Not expecting much I decided to send the company a friendly email accompanied with the photo of my poor old pot.  To my surprise I received a very quick reply stating how sorry they were and that they would send me a new set! OMG!  This was fabulous news:)  And two weeks later I came home to a giant box of new cookware at my front door.  

If you are looking to upgrade to a high-end brand of cookware, I would hands down recommend Lagostina.  Here are the product details of the Gourmand set I received.

Please go to the Lagostina website to check out more of their amazing collections and products.

Lagostina’s Gourmand 13 piece cookware set features a Capsule Plus base technology.

The thick impact-bonded base assures quick and even heat conduction, thereby conserving energy and time. The rugged stainless steel base provides a very durable and flat cooking surface that is suitable for all cooking surfaces, including induction.

Gourmand’s heavy duty tempered glass lids provide the see-through convenience of monitoring the cooking process.

The stainless steel cast handles with silicone provide a comfortable and safe grip and are permanently riveted for long-lasting durability.

Lagostina’s Gourmand comes with a 25 year warranty.


1. Highest quality 18/10 stainless steel 2. Cast stainless steel handles with silicone 3. Riveted handles 4. Impact bonded base technology 5. Heavy gauge heat tempered glass lids 6. Dishwasher safe 7. 25 year warranty



1. 18% Chrome and 10% Nickel combined to create a strong and corrosion-resistant material 2. Provide a comfortable and safe grip – handles are oven safe 3. For safety and security 4. Withstands extreme temperatures 5. Allows for the convenience of monitoring the cooking without interrupting the energy buildup 6. Easy to clean 7. Years of continued satisfaction
Have you tried Lagostina?

What products do you own?

Here are some awesome Lagostina products for you to check out…great deals right now. I am thinking these would be great to give as gifts!

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Lagostina-My all time favorite cookware
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