How to Adjust to Normal Outfits after the Pandemic

TIme to get up and get dressed!

How to Adjust to Normal Outfits after the Pandemic

I get it! You have been all cozy at home in your sweats in what seems to be the last 6 months and you are finally thinking, how do I adjust from my sweats to my normal wardrobe when I am so used to this new look!

These have been some crazy weird days, weeks, even months and we are all feeling the effects of this pandemic. Some of us even more than others, and there is coming a time when we are all wondering what the days to come are gonna look like. A lot of us have been stuck in a slump, we find that we have been wearing the same old sweat pants for days and we are so comfortable.

But, You know the time has come, you need to get up, shower, toss those sweatpants in the wash, and maybe, just maybe, dig out your bra from the back of the drawer.

As days move forward and we start to realize that there may be a world outside of our homes, we may want to actually put on something a little nicer, a little brighter, something to cheer you up. That’s right, cheer you up!

Start small, maybe a little lip gloss the first day, and then maybe just maybe on the second day you may want to brush your hair? 

Maybe you have to start moving your ‘at home’ work station back to the actual office. The office is the place where you are going to see actual, live people.
Your co-workers, your boss, your friends and they will see you in full view. (not just that zoom head shot where they don’t know you are wearing your pajama bottoms and drinking wine from a mug) Trust me, they know!

Also, please brush your teeth! Just because you are social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t practice good oral hygiene.

As you adjust to your new normal, just take it slow. It will be hard at first to wake up early and shower, but you got this. You have done it before and you know how!

Maybe start by choosing a bright new dress.  And by new, I mean dig to the back of your closet and find a dress you haven’t worn in a while.  Nothing fancy, just pick one that makes you feel good.

A dress is a simple and easy outfit to start with as it is only one piece of clothing.  You won’t have to worry about matching pants or skirts to tops, as this may be a stressful thing for you to do right now.

You will start to notice as the days go on that you look and feel better on the inside and out.  Maybe you will start getting up earlier and be happy to start getting back into a routine.

Another great transition outfit for you to try is just a simple pair of jeans and a white T-shirt.  You can create so many simple outfits with just a few accessories.  Try pairing a scarf, a hat, or maybe a blazer if you are looking for a professional look.  Either way, keep it simple at first and remember, you got this! 

Jean and Tank top

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How to Adjust to Normal Outfits after the Pandemic

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