It happens to us all, the over indulging on food and drink and ending up putting on a few pesky pounds.

I kept hearing all this talk about people loosing weight fast and feeling fabulous with the Keto Diet so my curiosity got the best of me.

What is the Keto Diet?

In case you are out of the loop here is the definition of the Keto Diet…A Keto or Ketogenic Diet is a very low-carb diet, which turns the body into a fat-burning machine. This diet has many proven benefits for weight loss and your overall health.

Please don’t judge me!

I know you are probably looking at my sidebar photo right now thinking “that girl doesn’t need to loose weight”  Right? I know you said it.

Here’s the thing, and my tiny friends know this…when you are at your goal weight and end up gaining a 10 or so pounds, it is noticeable.  

Maybe not to someone who doesn’t see you everyday, but when you go to put on your favorite jeans and can’t button them, you know there’s a problem!

All I wanted was to fit my jeans, so I decided to test out this Keto thing and see what all the hype was about!  

The first thing I learned when doing my research was that I would be eating a ton of meat and dairy.  I was a little worried as I am not a huge meat eater and I am lactose intolerant with a soy allergy to top it all!

I found a great website that also had a app for my phone. Dr. Diet

Dr. Diet has so many resources, plans, and recipes that you can easily follow.  So I gave it a shot!

I love chips and candy so this was not going to be easy, but I was determined!

I went to the grocery store and loaded up my basket with a bunch of meat, eggs, some cauliflower and a few berries.

I have to admit, the first week was really hard. Did I mention I love candy and chips! I had to change my morning coffee too, that really sucked, no sugar!  I thought I might die!

But I didn’t, and can you believe it, I actually lost 4 pounds after week one!

Before starting my diet I researched many recipes and food websites.  I came upon Natura Market.

They make it so easy for you to shop for whatever diet you are on and the prices are very affordable.  I put in a huge order and it came in less than a week!  The salsa is amazing and I actually enjoyed the cauliflower pizza crust.

After the second week of the Keto Diet I noticed the weight loss was a little less drastic as the week before, I was maybe down another 2 pounds.   But that was ok, I was that much closer to my goal which was actually to loose only 10 pounds.  Not bad, 6 pounds down in 2 weeks and no exercise! Crazy!

So fast forward the end of my Keto Diet…I went 4 weeks in total and lost 8 pounds.  Not to shabby!  By the last week I wasn’t loosing any more weight, I figured it was my bodies way of saying that was enough! And I was ok with that.  I really was missing those chips! Haha

I believe that the Keto Diet works, I have read a ton of articles and met a ton of people who have dropped 40 pounds or more.  Now, obviously these individuals needed to loose that weight and it did not drop in just 1 month.  These people have probably been doing the Ketogenic diet for months and months and have found what works for them!

I would say if you are looking into doing the Keto Diet, make sure to do your research and talk to your doctor.

For myself this was just a little test to see what it was all about.  I do however, continue to eat a little healthier and try to follow some of the Keto methods.

I believe if you just follow a healthy diet and exercise plan that works for you that you will most likely stick with it longer and adapt to it.

Have you tried the Keto Diet?  Tell me what you thought. xoxo

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Have you tried the Keto Diet?
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