When I first saw them on the rack at Winners I was a little shocked at at the color! But I picked them up and examined them, they where my size, and they were cute!

Could I pull them off? What would I wear with them?

Hmm….Challenge accepted I thought, as I wandered off to the change room…
You may have noticed but I don’t wear red. I am not really sure why that is, I think it is just one of those colors that is maybe a little intimidating to some.

But at the amazing price I bought them at and they fit just right, how could I not take them home and make them work?

So that is what I did. And guess what? As it turns out I have a whole lot of tops in my closet that go fabulously with them! And it just so happened that I had a shade of lipstick given to me in the exact same red! How perfect was that!

I threw on my favorite trusty jean jacket, a pair a black flats and bam, the perfect red pant outfit was created!

I thought I might feel a little bright or too out of my comfort zone in these pants but to tell you the truth, I love them!

They are super comfortable and I feel relaxed and casual, but yet they have a bit of a office look to them, since they are more of a dress pant.

I have found that I can mix and match so many different options with the red pants, black and white are obvious choices, I own a ton, and adding that punch of color brightens up the entire outfit.

I you are looking for a similar look and like my jacket you can shop a similar one below.

And a simple black flat is all that is needed since the Red Pant is enough to make a statement.

Now that I am inspired by my red pants I decided to try some new looks, here is what I have come up with.

I hope I have inspired you to come out of your comfort zones too and try these looks out for yourselves.

Feel free to share your pictures with me on Facebook, I would love to check out your outfits!

xoxo Ali

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