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For me learning what to pack for makeup while travelling didn’t take me to long to figure out. Infact, I learned this one at a very early travel stage.

I found that I would pack a bunch of stuff that I just wouldn’t use. It would end up getting tossed around in the luggage, either spilling all over the place or exploding! That was a fun mess to clean up! I had eye shadow break and crumble all over the other make up once, that was a mess!

So here are my tips and what I pack when I travel.

Before you go:

A couple of things you can do before you leave on vacation which are always fun to do and helps to save precious beach/touristy time is to prepare your face and nails.

A few days before you leave on your holiday book an appointment at your local spa and get a manicure (gel nails are the best) they last a really long time and look fantastic. And definitely get a pedicure, especially if you are going on a beach vacation, trust me, the last thing you want to be doing on the beach is painting your toenails!

Oh, and while your at the spa, get that wax…just saying! (Again, especially if you are going on a beach vacation!)

Another great thing you can do is get your lashes tinted, or if you can afford it, get lash extensions. While you’re at it, you might as well get your eyebrows done too! You will save time on curling your lashes and putting on waterproof mascara and plucking every morning. Just wake up and go! How great does that sound?

So now that you’ve done all your prep work, it’s time to pack a few essentials, cause lets face it, we are ladies and we still want to look pretty!

What to pack in your Make-up Case:

Make sure you have a sturdy Make-up case that will fit nicely into your suitcase. This is your most important item, I learned the hard way once and bought a nice bottle of hair oil from Hawaii and thought it would be ok if I just put it in a baggie in my luggage and brought it home like that. NOPE! Not OK! By the time I got home it had exploded all over our clothes leaving a nice lavender scent and stained everything! Not fun to clean out!

So once you have the case, fill err up!

Here are the 8 essential items that go in my make up case when I travel;

-Olay daytime moisturizer with SPF
-Concealer Powder
-Lip Gloss/Lip Balm
-Eye Shadow
-Waterproof Mascara
-Lash Curler
-Make-up Remover Wipes

To shop these items, just click on them:)

I like to bring these few essentials even though I may not use them every day. It is nice to have them for the nights when you dress up and go out for dinner or dancing.

But really you do not need to go overboard with bringing a ton of stuff. You will find if you are in a hot location your make-up will be runny or goopy, the lotion will turn to liquid and you will basically have to pour your lipstick on!

Haha! Try to get an air-conditioned room if you can!

As long as you make sure to wear your sunscreen daily and you moisturize you are going to look fabulous.

Enjoy your vacation and don’t worry so much about your make-up, you are beautiful just being you!


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