Spring 2018 Fashion trends are all about pretty pastels, polka dots and pattern mixing.

I have compiled a fantastic list of wardrobe must-have that you will be rushing to get on your body this season!

2018 Fashion Trends


This years color for 2018 picked by the Pantone experts is Ultra-Violet, so no wonder lavender is so popular for this spring. 

And this girl is super excited about it!  Lavender was my wedding color back in 2002!  And my gorgeous maids of honors rocked it in their two piece dresses.  Yes, I had two maid of honors, and yes I said two-piece dresses!  Lol  They were basically fancy tank tops with matching long skirts, both in that beautiful shimmery iridescent lavender color that sparkled in the sun!   

Spring is all about the pretty off the shoulder tops and dresses,  and gorgeous accessories like the cut out tote shown below.  

Don’t worry If you are not a dressy up kind of gal, but if you still wanna rock the lavender, you can easily do so.  Just throw on a pair of skinnies and a simple t-shirt or runners and you and styling for spring!  (I knew there was a reason I was holding on to those purple jeans in my closet)


Jumpsuits look amazing on all you tall girls, and with the right heels…hello girl!  I am loving the bright bold solid colors, but I also get a little torn when I see those gorgeous floral prints… I have a weakness for floral!

I have seen so many jumpsuits that I absolutely love but I have yet to find the perfect petite jumpsuit for myself as of yet. 

I just came across these petite styles from Anthropologie and I am thinking for a 5 foot 3 inch gal like myself maybe this black Amadi Crossover Jumpsuit may just be perfect!  I will let you know when I try it out.

Prints on Prints and Floral

Prints and Floral are so much fun and if you pair them just right you are a genius!  Just kidding…anything goes this spring!  The bigger the bolder, the Flora the Fauna, you name it, you wear it!

Some of my fav’s?  The accessories…I am a purse and shoe girl!  I love floral purses and shoes. 

So if you are too shy to try this trend, start of small by adding a small accessory to your outfit and see how you like it.

Before you know it you will be all stripes and sunflowers from head to toe!

Black and White Polka Dots

Polka Dots seem to be everywear this spring and either you love them or you hate them. I for one am in love!

I find that polka dots give off a certain vintage feel and if you wear them just right, such as a in a lovely A-lined dress or skirt they give you that bit of 1950s elegance.

There are so many different ways to wear polka dots right now, I am loving the flowy pants and the fitted blazers. 

Play with them, mix and match, and have fun!


The Fanny Pack

I was actually disappointed to see that this 80’s trend has crept it’s way back into our lives!  I for one will NOT be rocking this look.  (been there, done that!)  It wasn’t good then, and I still don’t think it’s good now! 

For all you fanny lovers, just for you, I have found some super stylish fanny packs you will like, if you must follow this trend…lol

So I have added the alternative…The Back Pack!

I find that it is much more functional, and flattering!  And I don’t think the back pack has ever gone out of style!  Nowadays, us ladies are totally rocking them instead of using purses and you know what?  That is ok, we are saving our backs and our shoulders.  Our chiropractors are happy! 

There are some super cute back packs out there, my favorite brand is Matt & Nat! check them out! and more super stylish packs and fanny packs below.

Feathers, Fringe, and Straw Hats

I have noticed a lot of feathers on the runways this season and just for you I have compiled a few looks that you could wear on more of an everyday basis. 

As for fringe, I don’t think it has really gone away, in fact it seems to be hitting us harder this year!  With the earrings, jackets and jeans…I don’t even know where to begin.  I think I will start simple and go for a pair of fringe jeans and maybe a skirt!

Straw hats, I for one love them!  They are perfect for any sunny day and add that certain touch of dazzel if you are needing to accessorize your outfit.

Here are a bunch of Feathers, Fringe and Straw Hats you are going to love….


Well that is my list of Spring Fashion Trend must-haves for 2018. 

What will you be adding to your wardrobe this season?

And seriously, do you really love the fanny packs? And why? I must know!



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