My Favorite 5 Fall Fashion Trends for 2018


Fall is finally here in full force and I for one am super excited to share my Top 5 favorite fall fashions for 2018 with you.  

For us Canadians, trying to stay warm in these cooler months can really be a challenge, especially if you live in the North. 

The Fall Fashions for 2018 are all about oversized, baggy, and puffy… meaning we can stay warm and still be trendy right into winter!


My Favorite 5 Fall Fashions for 2018


1. Plaid Everything

That’s right, plaid is back!  I am loving this but also hating the fact that I donated all those super cool plaid pants and blazers I owned in the 90s!

All styles and colors of plaid are in this Fall.  Try an oversized plaid blazer paired with pants or a skirt in a different plaid pattern.  Or if you don’t feel like going that far into the trend, just wear that super cool blazer with a pair of dark jeans!  


2. Wide Leg Pants

Who else is super excited about the wide leg trend?  Do you remember stepping in a puddle and the water rising half way up to your pant leg?  LOL 

This was  definitely a huge fashion problem for me, since I am also a short girl, my pants were always extra long!  Nowadays I feel I have a little more common sense when it comes to my pants, I have learned to get them hemmed properly.  

Here are some pretty sweet wide leg pants and flares I feel every girl needs this fall.


3. Chunky Sweaters

Sweater Weather is finally here, so why not embrace the chunky sweater phase. Sweaters are perfect for layering up, so buy them one size bigger so you can fit that extra layer. 

Tip:  try tucking one side into the front of your pants to give your outfit a bit more style, it will keep you looking less messy!

4. Blanket Coats

There is nothing I love more than keeping as warm as I possibly can during those cold Fall and Winter days.  Try finding a big blanket coat, oversized shawl or even a big puffer coat that will do the trick in your climate.


5. Oversized Purses and Bags

Yay!  Big bags are back, and not the ones under our eyes (that is for another post)! 

I still like having a small bag, but I find I can never fit everything I need in it.  Like my laptop or my extra shoes! 

A big tote is definitely the way to go this fall.  Look for metallic or patent finishes to compliment your Fall style.

I feel that this Falls Fashions are making a comeback from the 80’s and 90’s era.  Some of us might not be as ready for these trends coming around again, while others are embracing it full on.  I hope you step out of your  comfort zone this fall and try some of these trends.

What are your favorite 5 Fall Fashion trends for 2018 ?



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