It’s time to stop the nonsense ladies and just fess up to our problems and deal with them like adults.

Shoe addiction is a real thing and it sometimes cannot be helped so I say just go with it, if you love them, buy them!

You had no intention on finding anything, in fact you weren’t out to spend money on a new pair of shoes, you are just looking…

And then there they are, just staring you straight in the face!

That perfect pair of heels, screaming, crying out, “try me, I’m perfect for you!”

So you cave, and you try them on. Out of peer pressure of course!

Your friends are no help at all; in fact they make the matter worse!

“Try them on,” they say, “they are your size,” they say, “they are on Sale”, they say…

Oh my favorite four letter word beginning with “S”

No, I tell myself! With confidence, and try hard not to look at the shoes as I slowly peel them off my feet.

I don’t need them. “Where will I wear them?” I ask my friends, knowing darn well they will come up with some amazing answer that I will most likely agree with!

I hand them back to the lovely sales lady and say sorry but not today, but I do make sure to ask her how long is the sale on for?

And then I back away slowly and sadly.
As I know I have made myself a promise that I swore I would not break, a promise that I have already broken about a hundred times already and I feel really, really bad about it!

I promised myself, and you might think this is crazy, that I would stop buying so many shoes!

We sadly leave the store.

For the rest of the weekend I can’t eat, sleep, drive, or see the color pink without thinking about those shoes!
It’s horrible!

I can see myself wearing them with my dark skinny jeans and a little white blazer.

I imagine how the hot pink would stand out so awesome if I wore them with that little black dress I never wear that is collecting dust in the back of my closet.

I day dream about running marathons in them because they are so comfortable and think about what I would look like wearing them on the treadmill at the gym! (Hot Pink snake skin heels with spandex leggings and a tank top…hmmm!) On second thought, they might get to sweaty and I would ruin them!

Either way, they would look fantastic on my closet shelf!

Why do we do this to ourselves ladies? It’s absolute torture.

So I say let’s just stop this nonsense!

We only live once, am I right!

Stop thinking about it, especially if they are on SALE!

There is no sense stressing about it any longer, if you love them…am I right?

Just buy the darn Shoes!

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