What would you do if I told you that you could save over $400 dollars a months on your beauty routine? Have you ever sat down and looked at your bank account and thought to yourself “What the heck am I doing with my money?

Where did it all go?”

 Well let me tell you…it’s all those little things ladies…they are adding up!  Most of it is your Beauty Routine, and you wanna know a secret…if you just did them yourself, you would be saving some big bucks!

 What would you do with a extra couple hundred bucks a month?  I can think of a lot of things I will do with that money…

So are you ready for some extra monthly income? 

Get prepared to do some DIY-ing ladies…this may not be easy for some of you but trust me it will be worth it in the long run.

Here are the list of beauty services and techniques that I will be doing to help me save money.  I have already been doing a few of these things so I know for a fact they work. It was a little hard a first to get used to but I did it, and so can you!

I will break down the cost to show you just how much I will be saving.  Keep in mind depending on where you live of course, these services and costs may be a little different so you may have to adjust your costs a bit. 

Here we go…

1. Eyebrow Waxing

I used to get my eyebrows professionally waxed every 2 weeks!

Yes, I have caterpillars growing on my face, it’s true!

This was costing me $15.00 everytime I had it done! (That’s including the tip)

Solution: I now do it myself…with a good set of tweezers and a magnifying mirror in a well lit room. I think I do a pretty nice job for free!

Saving $30.00 per month

2. Hair Color

I know my hair dresser hates this…but box hair dye works!

You can get some pretty nice colors for around ten dollars a box and they last just as long as the salon color do! I like Garnier Nutrisse because I find it doesn’t smell as bad as some of those dyes (you know, the ones that make your eyes burn!) And it makes my hair nice and soft and shiny!

I used to go to the salon every 6 weeks or so and spend over $100.00 dollars. Yikes! So now, I DIM (do it myself) and huge savings ladies! This one makes my hubby happy! 

I will break it down so we are looking at a monthly saving here.

Saving approx. $50.00 (But of course, it all depends on hair length)

Has anyone tried any fun colors like these in your hair? I love the turquoise and the pink myself, tempting….

3. Bang Trim

I know not all of us have bangs, and this one for sure is making my hair stylist cringe! Sorry girl! (and I know you do it for free!)

A lot of hair salons will charge about $10.00 for a bang trim. Since I decided to go back to bangs I found mine needed trimmed every 2 weeks.  Why not diy?

There are a ton of You Tube tutorials, it is so easy to learn. So just for fun, I tried it, and I love doing it myself. Just make sure to get a good pair of trimming scissors, not those rusty old kitchen ones that you use for cutting paper, chicken and carrots!  haha

Saving $20.00 per month

4. Manicure/Pedicure

Oh how we all love to have our finger and toes polished to perfection! 

But man is it expensive!  I know a friend that goes once a month and I am sure she is not the only one, am I right ladies?

The last time I had a pedicure it cost me $70.00 for gel on those tootsies! 

I am sure that a Mani is running around the same or more!

Here is what I did and I love it.  Have you guys heard of Jamberry

They are an online/personal consultant company that sells nail wraps, polish, gel and all sorts or accessories!  I am kind of addicted!  Just ask my sales rep lady! lol  I hosted a party at my house and with the benefits I earned I was able to purchase a entire gel nail kit, heat lamp and all! 

So amazing…now I can totally do my own pretty gel nails and the whole thing only cost me $100.00.  Crazy!

 Saving Mani plus Pedi $150.00 per month (that is probably being generous!)


5. Face and Body Lotion

Now I know you have heard me say this one before. Coconut Oil. The one you use in the kitchen. That’s right! Stop buying all that expensive stuff and go with good old natural, Organic Coconut Oil!

You can use it on your face and your body, heck it even works great as a hair smoother and as a make up remover!

Facial creams alone are getting ridiculous in price, the last time I checked the lowest costing one I could find was $50.00, and don’t even look at those anti-wrinkle creams! OMG!

Saving $50.00 per month


So those are my 5 favorite beauty routine money saving tips!

Oh yah! Saving  Over $400.00 a month!

Me? I am saving for a trip to anywhere out of this freezing climate, and of course some new shoes!

Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutley love all those services and the people who provide them.  But when you are in a jam and you need to save some extra money I say why not!

So are you willing to give it a try?

What would you do with all that extra moola?

Let me know what you think! Could you pull off at least a couple of these?

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