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When it comes to getting dressed I don’t believe in rules, unless of course you are going to work and there is a strict dress code or uniform. That is why I love to layer most of my outfits, by doing so I can change my looks throughout the day, and the fact that I can de-layer if I am too warm is awesome, but I can also change my look entirely and still look fabulous!

Sometimes I will stand in front of my closet, which seems for hours and just stare and stare at my clothes thinking what I am going to wear today?, nothing matches!, I don’t want to wear anything in here!. And then like a lighting bulb going off in my brain I just snap on and grab stuff and put it on!

It seems that my go to style is dresses and leggings or dresses and skinny jeans. I have always loved to wear dresses but hated wearing nylons or pantyhose. I remember as a kid having to wear them and saying to my mom that they itched and then I would make such a fuss about them I would end up taking them off! I don’t think she liked that too much. But kids will be kids, right!

This sweater is the perfect March winter coat sweater, and pairing it with my favorite blanket scarf makes me oh so cozy! And yes…I said winter! It is March and it snowed! But if you are going out later and don’t want to look as if you just crawled out of your igloo, you can easily de-layer and look fab!  If you love this look please check out some of these similar awesome items I have found for you!

I love to layer my outfits for the simple reason that it just gives you so many options:

• If you get hot you can take a sweater or jacket off.
• Wear a cute dress underneath and if you go out later you have something a little fancier to wear.
• Play it up or down with a scarf or jewelry.
• Add some awesome shoes for a fun night out.

When it comes to layering just have fun with it, you’ll find it is so comfortable and fun, maybe you’ll decide it is your new go to style!

What is you favorite fabulous layering piece?

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