Taking the right steps to get rid of your closet clutter will not only make life a whole lot easier on you but it might also free up some room for new clothes!  I challenge you to follow my easy steps to get rid of that closet clutter and love every minute doing it! 

Is your closet a cluttered, crowded mess that you have been avoiding for months on end? If this sounds like you, then it is time for you to take charge and make a commitment to free up some massive space by clearing out what you no longer need/want/or fits you.

And what will be left my friend?

A beautifully edited, organized collection of all the pieces you love to wear.  And a mind that is clutter and stress free whenever you open that wardrobe door.

And how am I going to do this? You might be asking.

With these easy steps:

1. Put on some upbeat tunes and make yourself a nice cup of your favorite caffeinated drink. You are going to be here for a while, you will need the energy!

2. Take it all out of the closet. Everything, pile it high on the bed and don’t stop till your closet is empty

3. Designate 4 sections of your room: TOSS, DONATE, KEEP, and SELL.

Now if you didn’t think that was fun, here is where the real fun begins.

For some of you, this might be a good time to call a friend or a personal assistant, especially if you have a hard time letting go of things.

Start going through your items one by one, trying them on if you need to and ask yourself the following questions.

Based on your answers you will be able to decide which designated section you will put the item in.

Ask yourself the following questions;

Is this item in good shape?

Does it fit?

Do I even like this?

Does this look good on me? (This is where your friend’s honest opinion comes in handy)

Have I worn it in the last year? (If the answer is no, get rid of it, chances are you are not going to wear it)

Is this my style?

So now that you have sorted all the items in the designated piles you will want to deal with them right away so that there will be no changing your mind.

TOSS – Start here first, grab a garbage bag and toss it all in.  Take it to the curb right away and you are done.

DONATE – Grab a box, throw it all in and immediately put it in your car.  This way the next time you leave your house you will have to take it straight to Good Will.

SELL – Place these items in another box and move it to your office area near your computer where you will most likely be placing them on line for sale.

KEEP – And this is what is left! Voila

Time to make it pretty!


Give your closet a good scrub down and spray some air freshener. Now it’s time to get it back in order.


I like to think in color, so when I dress my closet, I like to color code it.

I start with my whites and work my way down to black.

But, not only do I organize by color, I also like to organize by clothing item; shirts, dresses, pants etc.


Once all of these items are hung in an organized fashion getting dressed in the morning is a much faster and less hectic experience!


Here are a few small things you can do that will help you keep your closet clutter free all year round,




Bins are great for those little items like small wallets, purses, and belts.I found this one that would be perfect for hiding those little things like jewelry and such! If you have upper shelving in your closet you can easily create a simple storage solution for your seasonal clothing. For example, in the summer, store your sweaters up top in bins so that you have more room for your dresses and skirts to hang below.


The Ugh Basket (I made that up!)


Keep a basket or bin or some sort in or near your closet for those items that you may not want or no longer fits you. You know the ones…that morning when you put on that dress you haven’t worn for a while and it just doesn’t look as good as you remembered, you might want to throw it in the Ugh Basket, instead of hanging it back up!
Or that cute top that is just a little to tight but you keep putting it back because next month when you loose 3 pounds it will fit perfectly, NOT! Chances are you probably won’t wear it again! Chuck it in the Ugh Basket!


Do a 6 Month Mini Clean


Try to do a mini closet clean at least every six months. This will help you to keep on top of the clutter, and don’t forget to check that Ugh Basket! (I bet there’s more in there than you thought there would be!)


Now that’s just the closet!  But ask yourself, How do I feel now that my closet is clutter free???

I bet the answer is Fabulous!  You feel Fabulous!

Check out some of my favorite closet organizing baskets and bins below, you will be sure to find something that will suit your needs.


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