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Today’s trends in frames have definitely changed, especially for women.

The looks of the 60s and 70s are everywhere and it seems the larger the better when it comes to funky frames. And I for one love the Vintage and Retro looks.

For me, I love that I can see easier out of the wider, oversized lenses, without the seeing the frame in my eye view. There seems to be so many more funky and fun style options to play with as well if you are into having more of fashionable image.

Finding the right pair of eyeglass frames can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience for some and I find that a lot of women may get stuck in a rut and keep getting the same style over and over again. But it doesn’t have to be this way ladies.

There are so many resources out there that can help you find your perfect fit and style. You may even find a new look that you never thought was imaginable.

Lenscrafters.com has an awesome site that helps you define your style. You should definitely check it out. I love how they ask simple questions about your clothing and lifestyle. I went through the questionnaire just for fun to see what they would come up for my style, and I was pleasantly surprised with the result.

My Style Test found that I was “Glamorous!”

They then recommend different frames that would be a good fit for me.
I loved all the frames they suggested, they were actually very close the ones I just bought!

The first thing I recommend when looking for new frames is to decide on what activity you are wearing them for.

Do you have to wear them everyday?

Are you a busy office woman, sitting at a desk in front of a computer all day or are you a stay at home mom running after babies all day?

Do you do a lot of sports? Are you a reader? A crafter? A fashionista?

All of these things are important things to consider when choosing the right frames.

Next thing you will want to do is think of how you want to be perceived.

Youthful? Sophisticated? Conservative? Funky and Style Conscious?

Remember, choosing the right pair says something about you!

For example, when I picked out my new frames a while back I wanted something that went with my style, funky and modern, so I chose the black and gray plastic oversized frames from Venus Eyewear. (shown in the picture above)

Once you have an idea of what kind of style you are looking for it is time to go shopping.

Make sure to take a friend along that will give you an honest opinion.

When Trina decided it was time for a new look and asked for my help, I was thrilled at the opportunity to assist her in this important decision.

She made sure to do her research before we went so she made my job pretty easy!

She had decided that she wanted something funky and stylish. She is a very fashionable woman who likes to stay with today’s trends, so off we went…

She tried on many different styles and colors and we were very opinionated on the reasons why we did and didn’t like certain ones. I think that is very important when choosing the right frames.

Here are some of the looks she tried!

Both these styles are from Jimmy Choo and as you can see have very different looks! The black frames are quite large and wide with some major bling happening and I think we thought these ones maybe overpowered her face too much.
The brown ones were not too bad, just a little on the boring side.

Here is another pair of Jimmy Choo Frames, again we thought boring…not quite the pop we were going for. To plain of a look for this gal!
The black Seraphin frames however, were a good look, we like the cut the size and the shape! The black gave them that bit of funkyness that she was looking for!
We put those ones aside!

I guess we really had a thing for Jimmy that day! lol These red frames again Jimmy Choo! Although a perfect match to her lipstick, and the frames fit not bad, we weren’t loving them.
The black frames here are from Fossil and have a similar shape, she did like these ones as well, they fit nicely and looked great. And of course would match with all outfits! So those went in the maybe pile as well.

But the frames that really caught our eyes…and the winners of them all, were these ones!

Funky, Fun, and Stylish, all in one frame and they fit her perfectly.
This was the look she was wanting! Yay! We did good!

I think they look fabulous! Don’t you?

What is your favorite frame style?


Are you looking for a new look you spice things up for the new year?
I have found some really cool frames here for you to check out…take a peak!

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