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Here are a few of my favorite go to looks that I can easily mix and match for any type of style I may be wanting.
Leggings and tunics are my absolute favorite staples in my closet right now. You can dress them up with a stylish pair of boots and a scarf and you are ready to walk out that door!

If you like this look…

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That’s me, just in case you hadn’t guessed! And I own all those items, funny thing is I never thought to put them all together until I created this cool ensemble.

Those brown boots are my most worn out but favorite and comfortable pair of Miz Mooz boots in my closet. I swear I will wear them till the heals fall off! haha

I love a rainy day when you can dress as cute as this! The Rain boots are a must when you live in BC!

And when you add a bright trench coat, oh my…so awesome!

So those are some of my favorite everyday anyday styles.  

What are your fav’s?



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