I’d been on the lookout for a new/old desk that I could make my own. I needed something that would be perfect for my little crafty office space but I just wasn’t willing to pay the high store prices of a new one.

An then voila, along came along a friendly guy with a crappy metal desk that had been sitting in his garage since probably the 1970’s! And he said I could have it!

Sure, it was baby pooh yellow, and had an ugly marked up top, but I thought, for free…I can DIY that! So I loaded it up in the truck and off I went…

A couple coats of white latex paint and that ugly yellow baby pooh was gone and it was almost brand new again. Almost! I just needed to figure something out for the top.

After some long hard thinking, it was finally decided…Modge Podge and Mac Tac!

Why? You might Ask. I don’t really have an answer for that… I am just a little crafty and wacky that way!

I like to mix and match my colors I guess, like I do with my clothes so this just made sense to me.

Here is what I used for the desk top:

Modge Podge
Mac Tac(with sticky backing, the kind you use for kitchen shelving)
Scrapbook Paper
Exacto Knife
Sponge Brush

First I did the small side desk with the Mac Tac, by carefully cutting it to size and placing it down. That was the easy side. I made sure to smooth out all the bubbles and worked slowly as I peeled the backing off.

Before I began the large desk top, I made sure to lay out all my pieces of paper the way I liked it, trust me I change it a dozen times and even had to sleep on it a couple of nights and take some pictures. As this is a permanent thing! Once it’s glued that’s it! So stressful!
There is so much beautiful paper out there to choose from, I found tons at Amazon.

Piece by piece I would glue a thin layer on the desk and place the sheet down and smooth out with a plastic pan scraper I found in my kitchen. I worked perfectly!

Once all the pieces were down I then went over the entire desk with the modge podge making sure that there was no lifting or in the paper, again using the scraper. I would let it dry for a good hour or so, and then do another coat.
I did 4 coats to make sure it was nice and solid.

Here is the complete desk! I can’t believe it is the same desk!

And overall, it only cost me around forty bucks to DIY!!! (thanks to Dad, he happened to have some white paint!)haha

Have you ever tried to Modge Podge something, and what was it?

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