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This DIY Bridal Shower Card will make you wand to create a card for every event from now on!

I mean have you seen the prices of cards lately? Is it just me or are they going up in price? I swear you can’t buy a nice card for less than $6.00. To me that’s insane. I could get a Grande Caramel Latte made with almond milk for less than that at my local coffee shop!

This is why I, well not only the reason why, I make my own cards. I love how each one is completely different and I can choose exactly the colors and design I want it to be and what I want it to say.

That being said, I have an upcoming bridal shower to attend so this was the perfect opportunity to pull out my card making supplies. Now when it comes to making cards I like to keep things simple, I don’t own a lot of those fancy stamps and cut out gadgets, I am happy with my scissors, glue stick, some nice papers and maybe a few other nice ribbons and other materials…

Here is what I used to make today’s Bridal Shower Card:

-Glue Stick
-2 4-inch paper doilies
-2 pieces scrapbooking paper

Amazon has a huge selection of beautiful scrapbooking papers to choose from and if you are like me, a little bit addicted…you will enjoy browsing though the pretty designs that are offered at nice discounted prices!

Start with making the doily dress. I found this lovely tutorial on Pinterest, of course, and followed the easy folding instructions at paperpaws.blogs.

Once I completed the dress, which was actually a lot easier than I thought I would be, I continued on to the card. Make sure to measure your envelope before you cut your paper, you don’t want your card to be too big and not fit inside.

I used the pretty patterned paper as the card part and folded it in half making the card.

I then cut the blue rectangular piece and glued to the top.

Once all that was secure I then place the dress were I liked it and added the ribbons and the little orange button.

(A little hint of the wedding colors) I thought this would add a personal touch to the card.

And that’s it. All done. Easy Peasy!
Hope you try it out,

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