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Have you ever been stuck at your 9-5 desk job and thought to yourself. “I wish I had this or that handy at this very moment”? 

Well wish no more…I have compelled a list of 8 Things that Every Woman needs at her desk. These items will also make great gift ideas for your work friends to.

Don’t worry this list will not break the bank, what it will do is make your life a whole lot easier!

1. A good Hand Lotion. Let’s face it, if you live in the cold, dry, north, like I do, there is nothing worse than having chapped and itching hands. You want a good hand cream close by to keep you from getting those nasty paper cuts! I personally love this Hand Cream and use it at my desk every day, it smells nice but not too strong of a scent and an added bonus (anti-aging…)

2. Lip Therapy is also a must. I keep these everywhere, in my drawers, in my car, my purse. Just can’t get enough. Vaseline has always been my go to for my lips and when these little containers came out I was addicted! Now I just found out you can get Pink! Woot woot! Stocking up on these for sure… why not have soft lips with a little color? Nothing worse than chapped lips ladies!

3. You should always have a lint roller in your drawer no matter what season it is! No one wants to be caught with fuzz on their butt and office chairs are the worst for collecting lint.

4. A comfortable pair of flats hidden away in a drawer is also a great idea, in case of emergencies!
Imagine if it snowed 4 feet and you wore your snow boots to work and forgot your shoes…yikes!
Or your feet are just killing and you just want some relief, voila, you got it!

5. An emergency kit full of little things like bobby pins, hair ties, nail files, band-aids. Hide it all in a Pretty Box on your desk so it always there, even your co-workers will thank you for this one!

6. Your own personal Coffee or Tea mug. I love these ones the best! Having your own mug just sets you apart from the rest of the team and totally screams back off, this is my mug! It shows your personality, what you love, your humor..maybe your favorite colors, activities… Here are some of my favs! Can you tell? lol

7. An Umbrella for those rainy days you have to run errands. Why not have a really cute one to brighten up a rainy day?
Look at this one…omg! I love it!

8. Extra Sweater or Wrap to leave at work for those chilly days.

To shop the items below just click away…they will not only help your work blues dissapear but make your days much more enjoyable:)

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So there you have it friends, the 8 things I recommend you must have at your desk or in your desk this fall to make you happy and your 9-5 a lttle less dull. Not only for you but for the people who work around you!


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