5 Basic Fashion Rules to Looking your Best


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Getting dressed and looking great doesn’t have to be hard as long as you follow a few simple rules. Here are my 5 Basic rules to looking your best.  Follow these steps and I gaurantee your mornings will be easy, you will feel and look fabulous and you may even get some head turns!

1. Wear a Proper Bra.

The first advice I like to give anyone is to find good bra that fits before going out shopping for clothes. This will make all the difference in the world. If you have a lingerie store that does bra fittings, even better, they will do an accurate measurement of your band and cup size to determine your actual bra size. You may be shocked that that you have been wearing the wrong size bra your entire life!

I recommend starting with a basic T-shirt bra with a little padding. You want it to fit smooth and seamlessly under basically any top and without showing any lines. And the padding is an extra bonus for hiding the fact that you may be having a chilly day (if you catch my drift!) 

I have added below some of my absolute fav’s to shop…right now I am addicted to Calvin Cline Underwear.  I love how comfortable they are.  And there is nothing more important than comfort when you are wearing these things all day long ladies!  Plus, they are so cute and stylish!

2.Do not wear your PJ’s in Public.

Nothing drives me more insane thane seeing someone in Pajama bottoms in Public.

Not only is it disrespectful to others but to themselves. To me they are saying, “I just rolled out of bed, and I don’t give a crap”!”

Stop being so lazy and put on some real pants, or just stay home! I’m sorry if that’s a little harsh but I think some people need to hear the truth. It’s just not cool people!

I know your busy, but just try this…some leggings and a long sweater or shift dress and voila, you are looking cute and proper!

Sounds easy enought, 5 minutes, that’s all! Just try!

3. Comb your hair and brush your teeth.

Good hygiene is important so before you go anywhere please brush your teeth and at least comb your hair.

There is nothing worse than talking to someone with “ass” breath.Be respectful to others and brush.

The messy bun look is fun for hair, but not the messy bed head look, so comb your hair and at least try to make it look presentable.

If you don’t have time maybe try a cute hat to cover up the mess! Here are a few cute ones I like…and yes…I do love to rock my hats now and then:) haha

4. Don’t break the Bank

You don’t need to break the bank to be trendy.

There are plenty of stores out there that have fashionable outfits at reasonable prices.

I’ve found cute outfits at stores like TJ Maxx &  Old Navy and had people ask me “where did you get that from’?

Shop for styles that you like and that fit your budget.

5. Choose your outfit the night before

Do you have to get up early for work the next day?

If your are anything like me (not a morning person) you find yourself scrambling around like a crazy person in the mornings!

The best thing I learned to do is to put out my clothes the night before, including shoes and jewelry. This saves so much time in the morning and you will no longer be standing in front of your closet saying, “I have nothing to wear” or endlessly trying on a hundred different outfits and making yourself late for work.

Hey, you might even have time to do one of those cute up do’s you’ve been wanting to try!

I really hope these 5 basic fashion rules help you to looking your best everyday. As I know they really do make a differnce in my everday life:)

Happy dressing and being beautiful!

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