3 Ways to keep Prom simple

Prom is such an exciting time in a high school teenagers life. With Prom season just finishing up a few months ago, with it came a lot of planning, stressing about all the planning and the pressure to look and act as if you were able to put it together within minutes. Teens are constantly stressing over keeping up with the biggest trends, and Prom really brings that issue to the frontlines. Trends in music, dancing and fashion have certainly changed and will continue to change as the years go on.

Attempting to keep up with such rapidly changing trends can be utterly exhausting. It really makes adults heads spin but they also may be glad to be beyond their own prom days. To add to all of this planning, there also goes pulling off the perfect Prom as a whole and you can definitely start to empathize with teens who are still looking for a date, transportation or a gorgeous outfit.  Here are a few tips to maybe help ease that prom-planning pressure we all seem to feel.


Image: Lowcountry and Shuttle

Image: Lowcountry and Shuttle

1. Transportation

Some people will tell you that it might be better to drive yourself or carpool with friends. Obviously, I would say not to do that because this is prom we are talking about! Are you really wanting to show up to your dates house in your parents minivan? Plus, no one wants to focus on driving while everyone else is dancing and singing along to the music. The one stop place to not only grab the best limousine but also take it up a notch with some amazing transportation options is at your local Lowcountry and Shuttle Co. They are located in the Charleston area and offer amazing customer service, quality prices and reliable limo and shuttle buses to fit your prom needs! Their shuttles are clean, ready to be used within minutes of booking and able to help get to your prom destination in style! Looking for something unique? Then try looking at some of their affordable and unique buses to gather all your friends! After all, transportation is pretty important when showing up at your Prom, all with zero stress!

2. Rent Your Outfit 

 When it comes to finding the right dress or suit, there are many considerations to think about. What if you have the same dress as someone else? What if your tux is too old fashion looking? Nothing else can seem to matter then finding the perfect item to wear. Girls can actually find some great designers at an affordable price thanks to renting them online. The Black Tux also has a wide variety of rental options from suits and tuxedos for men to try! Nothing else really compares to renting your outfit then purchasing it and wasting the money!

3. Have Fun

With all the stress and pressure that can come from planning your prom, it can be easy to forget that despite all of it, you really just want to have a great time with your friends! Prom above all else, is really about enjoying yourself, and that’s what you really want to concentrate on. If you don’t have a date, go with your best friends! Chances are they are just as excited as you are to enjoy a night out dressed up!

Living in the moment is key. Before you know it, the planning, dancing, and laughing will all be over and you’ll be on to bigger and better things; leaving the high school trends behind for a new batch of prom-goers to worry about. So for now, keep it simple. Focus on having fun, staying safe, and letting your true self shine through.

“This blog post was sponsored by Lowcountry and Shuttle Co.

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